Chicken shrimp bite with taurin – new

Chicken shrimp bite are soft, delicious, fragrant and healthy slices of quality salmon meat and chicken meat with shrimps before sliced into small cubes enriched with taurine for proper functioning of the eyes, nervous system, heart, promoting  metabolism, immunity and improve the condition of skin and coat of cats

Pure natural carefully processed meat snacks retains its natural nutrients, a high proportion of high-quality protein and low in fat. It is easily digestible, does not burden the organism, made only from fresh quality meat free of chemicals, artificial colors and aromas.

Healthy meat snacks suitable for adult cats and kittens that will satisfy even the most fastidious cat tongues, suitable as a dainty or reward.

Fresh drinking water should always be available.

Store in a cool and dry place, after opening the bag reseal and store in the fridge. Reclosable package protects meat snacks against drying.



Composition: chicken, salmon, shrimps, vegetable glycerin, taurin

Analytical components: crude protein 34%, crude fat 3%, crude fiber 0,5%, crude ash 4%, moisture 28%

Net weight: 80g


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